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The NEW National SIU

As I’m sure many of you have become aware, we recently underwent a significant transition as a company. The obvious change was our firm’s name, which is now officially National SIU, but that’s not even the tip of the iceberg. There have been many internal company adjustments across the board over the past few months that you may not be aware of just yet. That’s why I wanted to formally recognize this change and proudly reintroduce ourselves as the new and improved National SIU Inc; your coast to coast private investigative firm, and go over some of our new features and abilities which were enhanced to benefit you!

This transition goes well beyond the company name. Our superficial modifications are merely a symbol of our overall evolution. This has been a very exciting time for us, and we are thrilled to be able to expand upon what we have done professionally for over the last decade, and take things to a whole other level for you, our clientele!

New Name:

Our identity. We made the bold move of changing our firm’s name as a first step towards bringing our investigative firm into the next phase of our existence and into next generation. We are now proudly known as National SIU. This simple, subtle change allowed us to renovate our firm, while maintaining the recognition we have built over the years.

New Logo:

As we did with our name, we altered our logo in a subtle and consistent manner as well. This completed the first step of our firm’s facelift. We successfully accomplish exactly what was intended; we preserved our identity, ideals, and well-known image, while giving ourselves a distinguished style and fresh appearance going into the future. This brand new look represents a combination of our firm’s core values and a vision of what is to come.

New Surveillance and Investigative Reports:

Reports of all kind have been completely redesigned, restructured, and reformatted for the better. Not only did we upgrade the overall appearance, the content and details have been improved upon as well. This reflects our greatly enhanced investigative abilities by providing you with a direct report that portrays the increase in quality and worthy of presenting our results and content. Our brand new design format, along with the additional investigative details will depict our firm’s upgrades on all fronts through these newly modeled reports for all of our services.

 Resources, Developments, Departments, & Improvement:

We are also proud to announce that we have expanded upon the ways in which we offer our services. As industry leaders, when it comes to surveillance, we continue to evolve, push forward, continuously improve, and pursue perfection on our surveillance investigations in order to remain revolutionary and at the top of the investigative industry. During this company transition, we absorbed two smaller, regional investigative firms which have had a fantastic impact on our entire operation. These acquisitions have allowed us to expand our coverage area, amplify overall resources, and give our firm further ability to function in a flexible and efficient manner. We have increased our overall personnel across many divisions and departments.

Our team of on-site investigators has expanded to where we now have additional fill-time field investigators stationed throughout the country. This gives us better coverage, allows us to handle a higher volume of case loads, work more efficiently, and have a better overall turnaround time.

Other departments have obtained additional staff as well that we have upgraded to better serve our clientele, include our Reporting Department, Video Editing Department, Marketing Department, along with additional Administrative staff throughout our major office locations across the country. Each department adds value to our firm as a whole, which allows us to deliver industry leading services and top notch results. We have also been able to upgrade a number of our software programs, data-mining capabilities, and storage space. We have integrated new software into our cloud-based system to have faster uploads, increased storage capacity, and improved communication tools; all of which will result in higher quality services and results for our clients.

Investigations, Searches, & Checks:

As for all of our individual history and records investigations; which include, but are not limited to: Background Checks, Social Media Searches, Criminal Records Searches, Civil Records Searches, Medical Records Canvasses, Asset Checks, Employment Checks, and ISO Claim Searches; all methods, resources, results, and reports for investigations such as these have been improved, upgraded, and have been made more efficient and detailed than ever before. With our expanded staff, resources, ability, and equipment, we can now operate at a consistently high level on each and every assignment at all times.

Mobile App:

Yes, we will be launching an official National SIU mobile app compatible with both iPhones and Android Phones. This has been a work in progress, but the end result will revolutionize the industry. Our mobile app is at the final stage of development, and is now at the point where we are likely to announce the release within the next month! NSIU’s mobile app will give you mobile accessibility to our website, social media pages, updates, articles, and videos. In addition, you will now be able to order an investigation via the app. You will also be able to log-in to Caselink via this app as well, which will allow you to access reports, footage, updates, etc. for your cases no matter where you are. We will now be putting these things in your pocket and in the palm of your hand. This app is being created purely for our clients to give you more options, more accessibility, and the ability to do these things from your phone!