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Corporate Investigations

Corporate Services

Claims and risk management often focus on matters of insurance fraud. However, there are several other major considerations when assessing areas of corporate risk. Billions of dollars are lost every year because of employee theft, fraud, accidents, absenteeism, and misconduct. Threats range from internal sources such as workplace violence to external sources such as terrorism or theft.

There are several preventative measures that can decrease risk. Pre-employment screening is generally the first line of defense. It can eliminate candidates with a prior criminal or negative employment history that otherwise would not be uncovered in an application or job interview. Another measure is installation of security and CCTV systems to monitor and document misconduct.

Unfortunately, most instances of loss are uncovered after events have already occurred. Fraud, forgery, theft, workplace misconduct, and accidents are only a few of the ongoing threats faced by a corporation. Concrete, compelling evidence is required to release the employees, to notify law enforcement for prosecution, or to support litigation to recover the loss. National SIU offers several risk and claims management solutions to prevent additional loss during an event or to counter future occurrences. Our experience and access to local, state, and federal agencies will guarantee a swift, thorough, and decisive investigation.

The best thing about National SIU is that we provide investigators for all types of cases. Our services include expert corporate investigators for civil investigations, detective and criminal investigators. Plus, our special agents can be an invaluable asset to all types of investigations, because we always have our clients’ best interests in mind. We assess the case, communicate the requirements, and guide our clients throughout the investigation.

Services that can be catered to your specific need:

Pre-employment Screening

  • Employment or Education Verifications
  • Criminal or Driving History
  • Citizenship
  • Identity Verification


Theft or Fraud

  • Workplace Surveillance
  • Undercover Investigations Learn More
  • Asset Protection/Loss Prevention
  • Electronic Eavesdropping Detection
  • Vehicle or Asset GPS Tracking
  • Theft Investigation Learn More

Employee Conduct

  • Workplace Violence or Misconduct Investigations
  • FMLA Investigations Learn More
  • Stalking/Harassment Investigations
  • Termination Assistance

Undercover Operations

At National SIU, we provide a detail-oriented, comprehensive undercover investigation, supported by experienced operatives and cutting-edge technology. Undercover Ops are always a beneficial tool to management. They not only seek out the objective of the investigation, but also provide an insiders’ unbiased review of operations, safety, loss prevention, and location productivity. As an outcome of many of these cases, new policies or preventive measures are implemented to create a safe, secure, and dynamic environment.

The following situations are prime examples where an undercover operation is the ideal option:

  • Workplace Violence
  • Terrorism
  • Internal or External Theft
  • Productivity Monitoring
  • Workers’ Comp Fraud
  • Liability
  • Gangs
  • Drugs
  • Gambling
  • Safety

Our operatives are the client’s eyes and ears, always keeping your best interests in mind. They are specially trained in legal and privacy issues, so you can rest assured they do not pose a risk to the investigation.

Our operatives vary in race, gender, age, demographics, and backgrounds, so we can choose the right “fit” for the particular surroundings. We do not believe in placing investigators out of their comfort zones where they might not be accustomed to local cultures or conditions and cannot blend in with the working populations. In some situations, we will train a new investigator to ensure the best synergy between the operative and co-workers.

Each investigation is customized to the directives of our client to ensure objectives are achieved. Staffed with an experienced team of veteran investigators and surveillance experts, our operative support team is unparalleled. Our swift, discreet, and functional operations produce solid evidence to be used in litigation or criminal proceedings. Like most of our services we believe communication is the key to a successful and productive undercover operation.

Discreet daily updates providing accomplishments, observations, insights and future strategies allow our clients to participate without jeopardizing future investigative efforts. All federal, state and local government participants are also briefed for criminal or other activities deserving swift action.

Contact us for a discreet consultation today online or toll free at 800-960-6748.

FMLA Investigations

A leave of absence of between 12 and 26 weeks can be granted for FMLA reasons such as pregnancy, military service, family military leave, personal or family illness, and other personal reasons. Abuse occurs when this leave is used in substitute of sick or vacation time.

These actions can cost a company thousands of dollars each year. In addition, the employer must maintain the employee’s benefits and keep their position open. The only way to combat this is to perform surveillance to verify or negate their claim. The investigation commences by review of the FMLA file to locate patterns, inconsistencies or red flags.

We will obtain decisive evidence proving secondary employment, recreational activities, or other behavior against their claim. If an employee is caught engaging in fraud, the employer’s evidence holds much weight towards justification of the termination of an employee.

Call us toll-free at 800-960-NSIU (6748) for a free consultation with an NSIU investigator.

Theft Investigations

The statistics on employee theft are staggering. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that 75% of all employees steal at least once, and half of these individuals steal repeatedly. U.S. businesses lose as much as $110,000,000 a day due to employee related crimes. However, most employee theft goes undetected.

Employee theft is a serious problem that affects every type of business, from local Mom and Pop grocery stores, to huge multi-billion dollar corporations; and from service companies to high-tech businesses. In fact, it has been estimated that roughly 95% of all businesses are victims of some sort of employee theft. The stealing can include an array of items, including cash, inventory, data, and clients. What makes the situation worse is that managers are rarely aware of how much is being stolen, or even that theft is occurring in their companies.

The first line of defense National SIU offers to combat this predicament is installation of overt and covert CCTV systems. They serve as deterrents for unethical behavior, but also provide a way to document misconduct and theft. Furthermore, these systems offer added safety and protection for employees.

Unfortunately, we often get the call after theft has already occurred. National SIU has over two decades of experience in theft investigations and boasts a success rate of over 80% in solving these cases. Data is reviewed prior to commencement of any investigation, and then a strategy is put into place with the client’s approval and direction to ensure the best results.

Our process:

  • Identify the perpetrator with conclusive evidence
  • Focus on recovery of stolen property
  • Take criminal and civil action

We are closely connected with local, state, and federal agencies to ensure that an example is made so that similar thefts will not occur in the future.

Call us toll-free at 800-960-NSIU (6748) for a free consultation with an NSIU investigator.

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  • Free Ebook

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    How to Prevent, Identify, and Report IDENTITY THEFT

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