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Undercover and Investigative Services

Undercover Investigations


At National SIU, we provide a detail-oriented, comprehensive undercover investigation, supported by experienced operatives and cutting-edge technology. Undercover Ops are always a beneficial tool to management. They not only seek out the objective of the investigation, but also provide an insiders’ unbiased review of operations, safety, loss prevention, and location productivity. As an outcome of many of these cases, new policies or preventive measures are implemented to create a safe, secure, and dynamic environment.

Need undercover surveillance? Contact National SIU today, as we provide covert hidden cameras, camouflage outfits, and company approved surveillance vehicles. Our investigators are equipped with HD cameras and can provide you with surveillance at all hours.


The following situations are prime examples where an undercover operation is the ideal option:

  • Workplace Violence
  • Terrorism
  • Internal or External Theft
  • Productivity Monitoring
  • Workers Comp Fraud
  • Liability
  • Gangs
  • Illegal Gambling
  • Safety


Our operatives are the client’s eyes and ears, always keeping your best interests in mind. They are specially trained in legal and privacy issues, so you can rest assured they do not pose a risk to the investigation.

Our operatives vary in race, gender, age, demographics, and backgrounds, so we can choose the right “fit” for the particular surroundings. We do not believe in placing investigators out of their comfort zones where they might not be accustomed to local cultures or conditions and cannot blend in with the working populations. In some situations, we will train a new investigator to ensure the best synergy between the operative and co-workers.

Each investigation is customized to the directives of our client to ensure objectives are achieved. Staffed with an experienced team of veteran investigators and surveillance experts, our operative support team is unparalleled. Our swift, discreet, and functional operations produce solid evidence to be used in litigation or criminal proceedings. Like most of our services we believe communication is the key to a successful and productive undercover operation.

Discreet daily updates providing accomplishments, observations, insights and future strategies allow our clients to participate without jeopardizing future investigative efforts. All federal, state and local government participants are also briefed for criminal or other activities deserving swift action.

Contact us for a discreet consultation today online or toll free at 800-960-6748.