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          I have used so many investigators in my past and the rule of thumb is

that they do not get anything. Anything I have given you, you have always

got something. You guys are running 100% in my claims. You guys rock!”

-Bonnie B.

Senior Claims Adjuster


“Received and reviewed surveillance video for my claimant.

Best video of it’s type that I’ve ever seen of our guy. Lots of

footage. Our corporate EHS and legal department

will see this as well. Great job!”

– Brent F

Human Resources


“Great choice in surveillance vendor. Agree to the additional time on that 

 claimant and any more time his gut tells him it would be a good idea.

If we get more snow, send him out there. Would also ask you have him

pull hunting licenses to see if anyone has pulled one that should not be able

to physically hunt. Bottom line, the more we get on these folks, the better our

chances of getting their claims resolved reasonably.”

-Cathy D.

Manager, Workers’ Compensation