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National SIU has built a rock-solid reputation as an aggressive leader in investigations for workers’ compensation, liability, property and risk management. We outperform other firms by securing more effective evidence that reveals fraudulent and exaggerated claims.

With state of the art equipment, renowned experts, and innovating surveillance techniques, National SIU is at the top of the surveillance game. Our operations are highly organized, and planned to give conclusive evidence. Our Special Investigations Unitcan prove to be invaluable for investigations in many situatioins. We employan array of investigators including; workers compensation fraud surveillance investigators, private investigators, criminal investigators, corporate investigators and much more.

Our Investigators

Our covert investigative teams are fully licensed and insured professionals who are committed to uncovering effective evidence. NSIU is extremely selective when putting together your team.

We coach and manage each member and require that every investigator:

  • Complete our training program and 90-day probationary period
  • Maintain the highest level of honesty, integrity, and professionalism
  • Be readily available to testify to their findings
  • Possess a minimum 2-year degree in criminal justice

Our Surveillance

7 Deadly SinsNSIU employs only the latest technology in surveillance equipment for our investigations:

  • Company-approved surveillance vehicles
  • Digital & HD cameras (with night vision, distance lenses, Steady Shot) with tripods
  • Covert hidden body cameras
  • Camouflage outfits
  • Laptop computers with wireless Internet access
  • Evidence produced on CDR, DVD, or available streamed entirely online
  • Each office runs the newest OS and firewall protection for security of all data

Our Process

The key to our high results: each case is treated as an investigation. We go beyond surveillance and actually investigate each case, verifying home address, vehicles, and uncovering activity indicators. Prior to every investigation, we also factor in:

• Claimant’s age

• Known habits

• Location

• Previous work schedule

• Demographics

• Social media and online activities


This method, combined with our own trained investigators, produces significantly higher results that can help reduce your company’s exposure.