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With a Prompt Evidence Turnover Service, NSIU Delivers Superior Results to Clients

July 25, 2016 by  
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Efficiency is a specialty of NSIU and it is evident in their evidence turnover service, which allows them to deliver favorable results to clients

TBD – Many investigation agencies can offer clients surveillance and investigation services, but delivering timely results is what separates average investigators from the elite ones. Stretched out insurance fraud investigations don’t benefit anyone but the fraudsters. So, it is safe to say that promptness is one of the best qualities that an insurance investigation agency can have.

NSIU prides itself on the efficient and timely services that it offers to its clients. The best part of these timely services is the prompt evidence turnover service, which ensures that the clients receive the proof of any wrong doing, right after the investigators learn about it.

The agency utilizes their innovative virtual CASELINK to accomplish the task of prompt turnover of evidence. NSIU’s CASELINK is a virtual case management system which gives clients access to any and all evidence that the investigators have gathered on the case.

The best part about the CASELINK is that it is accessible to clients from anywhere and it is available 24/7, so the clients can access their case files whenever and wherever they want. And the clients don’t have to worry about the security of the case files either; the CASELINK is secured by a 256-bit encryption, which should give the clients peace of mind about the protection of their access to the CASELINK.

A representative from the agency was asked to comment on the topic and this is what they had to say, “As soon as our investigators have gathered evidence on any particular case, it is filed in the CASELINK. Clients can then access it from wherever they are. If the clients need us to turn over the evidence in person, then we can also accommodate that request. Our investigators will gather the evidence and deliver it to the client’s location.”

Prompt turnover of evidence is not the only advantage that clients receive, when they work with NSIU. The biggest advantage is the flat-rate pricing that the agency offer to their clients. This pricing method provides clients with the benefit of saving hundreds of dollars during an investigation.

With decades of experience under their belt, the investigators at NSIU know how to handle any type of insurance fraud investigation. They make sure that the truth is uncovered in all the investigations they handle and that their clients can avoid any possible losses.

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