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When can Computer Forensics be Effective?

April 26, 2015 by  
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Computers are now an essential part of everyone’s life. This does not exclude people who are involved in criminal activities. Therefore, the investigative industry critically needs more and more digital forensic experts who are well versed with digital tools to uncover hidden realities from the digital sphere. Want to know where these professionals can help? Read on.

Intellectual Property Theft

In today’s business environment, Intellectual property is the most critical asset of the business which determines the success of your company. Due to this reason, IP theft can cause great harm to a company in terms of revenue as well as reputation.

IP theft may result from an external IT intrusion through a spyware program or may be caused by internal sources such as existing or former employees with access to company data. No matter who breaches the privacy of the company, it is the business that suffers in the long run.

In this regard, digital forensics is an effective investigative approach that can obtain emails or communication detailing conspiracy, digital evidence of downloaded private information, and other digital information proving the theft of your intellectual property.

Fraud Investigation

Fraud impacts millions of businesses every day. Whether it comes from an internal source such as employees or an external source such as suppliers or an organized criminal group, digital forensic can help companies find out the original source of conspiracy, analyze digital records stored in computers, laptops, flash drives, servers, tablets, and mobile phones.

Infidelity Investigation

Computers, laptops, mobile phones, and other digital devices are key sources of evidence in infidelity cases. By extracting communication records from these devices, digital forensic experts can provide valuable evidence to prove infidelity before a court of law.

Background Investigation

Social network analysis is one of the best approaches in background investigations, commonly performed by digital forensic experts. The investigators go deeper beyond the databases into the undisclosed social life of the individuals. Through a review of social media networks, news sources, and the analysis of social relationships, the experts provide an insight into one’s personal and professional matters which verifies if the person is trustworthy or not co-habitaion investigations.

Business Intelligence

The digital forensics can help businesses gather valuable business facts that are being actively hidden. With proper due diligence of new employees, new product ideas, acquisition decisions, and analysis of competitive landscape through digital tracking and social media analysis, computer forensic experts can help business managers make better business decisions.

If you want computer forensics for any of your case, contact us and start an investigation today!


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