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What Can A Private Investigator Do For You?

January 29, 2016 by  
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You’ve read the Sherlock Holmes series, watched movies and experienced some of the leading men and woman of Hollywood glamorize this profession. But back to reality. What can a private investigation firm do for you?
Before you hire a private investigator, you should understand the extent of their services and how they can help you.
Investigations for Infidelity
It has been estimated that 22% of married men and 14% married women have had at least one affair throughout their marriages. This is a sensitive matter, requiring high levels of professionalism and discretion on part of the investigator in order to gain accurate results and avoid any legal ramification. Infidelity investigations are especially valuable in the events of divorce, and private investigators provide the answers.
Family Law Investigations
In this instance, the experience and skills of private investigators can be used as an asset in divorce investigations and matters related to child custody, infidelity, asset investigation and background checks. The objective is to use the services to uncover facts and evidence that can be used to leverage your case in the court.
Finding A Lost Friend Or Relative
Ever lost contact with someone over the years, and suddenly felt the need to reach out to them? How, after decades, can you track down their location and whereabouts? Online searches have hardly proven valuable for missing person’s investigations with outdated information and databases. You need someone with national or even global contacts – and private investigators are just the right source.
Corporate Investigations
The corporate world now faces a series of new challenges and risks that need to managed effectively to minimize the impact on business operations. Surveillance investigators help setup appropriate measures to eliminate the risks and unveil perpetrators. Employee background checks, undercover investigations for insurance fraud, FMLA investigations, theft investigations and so on. All these factors are essential aspects of corporate investigations.
Court Proceedings
While your law firm and legal team have the resources, they may miss out a vital piece of the puzzle that keeping you from resolving a legal threat. Private investigators can help you gain the additional evidence, information or leverage you need to make your case rock-solid.
Looking for A Private Investigation Firm that Can Offer You The Best Services?
National SIU is one of the most trusted names in the private investigation industry. With a huge network of investigative experts and field staff, the company has been delivering high quality services to both national and international clients. Having expertise in various fields, the company is currently providing services to both private and corporate clients.
For more information, visit their website, or contact them at the toll free number, 800-960-NSIU (6748).


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