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Tracking Down a Missing Person – Role of Private Investigators

June 20, 2015 by  
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An investigation regarding the whereabouts of a missing person is perhaps one of the most challenging and stressful things you may have embarked upon in your life. There are many reasons you may want to trace down the whereabouts of an individual.

From tracking down debtors, old friends, an estranged family member or lost relatives, the list is really endless, but with only a little success.

The Ineffectiveness of Online Resources

Like any other search, you may have kicked things off with an extensive online search. That’s a good move. However, in most cases, we’ve worked with clients who have relied upon the services of online databases to find their subject. These so-called “online databases” prove fruitless because most of the information there has not been updated for years. When you hit a dead end, it’s easy to get discouraged, and feel the frustration and aggravation settle in.

Why not hire the services of a missing persons’ investigator? When you want to track down a friend or family, you need professionals with the right resources to assist the search, and yield successful results. Here’s how a professional investigator helps:

Extensive Knowledge of Private Investigators

Some of the best private investigation agencies have on board a team of experts who have had some kind of history employed or associated in law enforcement agencies. This means that you get to utilize and benefit from the skills of professionally trained individuals, with cutting edge proficiencies and a sharp intuition.

Access to Public Records

Online databases will just not cut it. You’re looking for someone who could be anyone in the U.S., and these directories don’t have the information. National SIU has connections to local, state, and federal databases to facilitate and manage the most comprehensive of searches. The information is current, up-to-date and relevant.

There are many ways investigators can succeed in tracing someone. The key that they employ is not just focusing on a single area, like social security numbers, but managing simultaneous search, browsing through financial records, interviewing past employers, or recent educational institutions. This is to ensure that there never comes a time where the investigation hits a dead end.

Even if that does occur, we go back and revisit strategies and techniques, taking on a new path to make discoveries.

Whether you’re looking for covert surveillance investigators or a missing persons’ investigation, National SIU’s Private Services has the resources to help! We charge you a $99.99 FLAT FEE.

Get in touch with to take a look at what are the requirements that you need to submit so that we can begin the search. Call us at 800-960-NSIU (6748) now.


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