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The Man who “Lived to Cheat Insurance Companies”

March 25, 2015 by  
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A case involving an insurance scam recently caught our attention, mostly because of the person at the head of the scam reportedly said that “he lived his life to cheat insurance companies”. We thought it wise to bring attention to such a case because it involved a person roping innocent individuals into his ponzi scheme and making about $5 million dollars as a result. If you suspect or are being pressured into something similar, then you can contact us and we will investigate the case on your behalf and make sure that the instigator gets prosecuted.

The Person In charge

This multimillion dollar scam was started by Ronal Galati Sr., a ‘would be mobster’. He ran an auto body shop in the city along with his wife, son and daughter, all of whom were in on Galati’s scam. Along with the Galati family, 37 other individuals were also thought to be involved in this elaborate scam.

The Scam

The scam that Galati was running was simple, yet clever. Any customers that brought their cars to his body shop after an accident was coached by Galati. He told them to file the claim as an accident with a deer, instead of an accident with another car. The reason behind it was that the insurance companies will consider a deer accident as a no fault accident and they will not raise the premiums of the individuals. In case of a car accident the premium would be raised, so the customers went along with him to save some money.

The Details

When investigators finally caught up to Galati’s scheme and searched his auto shop, they found deer blood and carcasses stored in the shop. These ‘supplies’ were used to make the deer accidents look real. When the insurance investigators came around, they found appropriate evidence of a car that accidentally ran into a deer.

This case clearly shows the willingness of people to defraud insurance companies to save some money. It is also proof that the people egging others on to insurance fraud are the real culprits. While the policy holders are saving a few hundred dollars, these individuals are actually pocketing millions of dollars, by filing false claims.

You should be extremely wary of such individuals and make sure that you don’t do business with them. If you find yourself in a situation like this, then you can call us (800-960-6748) and we will investigate the matter and make sure you aren’t made a part of any ponzi scheme.


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