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The Future of Insurance Investigation

March 10, 2015 by  
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Innovation and new age tech is transforming every industry at a rapid pace, and we are very excited about how technology has made the jobs of insurance investigators easier. We utilize the latest equipment to conduct our client’s investigations; you can see the investigative services we offer by clicking here. And we are even more thrilled at the prospect of how gadgets and technologies will help the industry in the near future.

Conducting insurance investigations that can be useful in legal proceedings is difficult and the following advances will help us, and every other private investigation firm for that matter, in the coming years:

Social Media

Social media is already being effectively utilized as an investigative tool by top investigators in the industry. We offer a Social Media Canvas service to our clients as well – and this trend will become more popular in the future. A lot of people post details about their daily lives on social media that can be useful in a claims investigation. Even if they are careful not to post anything themselves, their friends may post something that can be helpful in the investigation.

Telematic Devices

These new age devices will soon be installed in most motor vehicle in the world. These devices will relay important information to the auto insurance company. Not only will they inform the insurers about where the car is, they will also let them know how it is being operated. Telematic devices will greatly reduce the number of fraudulent auto insurance claims.

Satellite Photography

Everyone has access to satellite photographs, thanks to Google Earth. In the near future however, the technology will be useful in discovering false property damage claims. The high quality images before and after an incident will help the investigators determine the extent of damages that occurred. They will be able to tell if the claimant is exaggerating claims or not.

Investigators as Meteorologists

The advances in meteorological technology will be helpful for insurance investigators. How you may ask? The meteorologists will be able track extreme weather events more accurately, meaning, they would be able to tell where a particular tornado touched down and the path it took. This will help the investigators determine whether a policy holder’s claim about weather damage is correct or not.

These are just some of the technologies that investigators may have access to within the next 10 years. Until we acquire them, we will keep providing our top-notch investigative services to our clients, with the help of the cutting edge tech we do have.


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