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Surveillance Mistakes that Amateurs Make

September 6, 2016 by  
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Whenever you are thinking about working with a private investigations firm to surveil someone, the first and the most important thing that you should look at is the type of experience that the firm has. For example, NSIU has decades of experience as top-notch surveillance investigators and they have successfully uncovered the truth in hundreds of cases they have investigated. If you end up hiring an amateur for the job, then you can expect mistakes like the ones discussed below:

1.     Traffic Violation

Surveillance doesn’t just mean, recording someone from a distance with a camera. Investigators have to follow and observe people for hours and they may have to walk or drive to keep them under constant observation. One of the biggest mistakes that overexcited investigators make is that they drive carelessly to keep up with their subject, which ends up getting them in trouble.

2.     Trespass

Another cardinal sin of surveillance is not to trespass a subject’s property. Investigators have to keep at a safe distance from the subject of their investigation and stepping on their property is a huge mistake. Amateur investigators not only get themselves in trouble, but they also create difficulties for their clients, when they trespass.

3.     Privacy Laws

Experienced investigators know how to walk the fine line between privacy laws and still conduct a surveillance operation. Amateurs may not have the right information to observe someone without violating their privacy.

4.     Illegal Methodology

Inexperienced investigators may employ illegal methods to gather the evidence that they require. They may use unlawful wiretaps or bugs to record conversations. Any evidence gathered through these means, though relevant, is not presentable in court.

5.     Wrong Equipment

Resources that an investigator has at his/her disposal play a huge role in their surveillance operation. When they don’t have the right equipment for the process, they end up making more mistakes that could have been avoided otherwise.

After reading the information above, you will be able to revalue the importance of hiring an experienced investigator for investigations that require surveillance. NSIU has certified and trained professionals at their disposal that know all the techniques and laws of conducting lawful surveillance.

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