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Private Investigations

August 28, 2017 by  
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Private investigation has long been a very important profession in the world. People hire thousands of private investigators each year to take care of their personal and professional difficulties, with discretion. P.I.’s covers all sorts of matters including insurance investigations, surveillance investigation, personal and marital affairs, etc. The sole duty of a P.I. is to realize and perform the job keeping in mind that every case is a private and sensitive. Also that each job is of high importance to the respective client.

To ensure that the P.I. you want to hire is highly professional and efficient, it is worth checking to see if the company belongs any accredited organization. The National Special Investigations Unit (NSIU) is an accredited nationwide insurance and investigative agency. The organization is one of the best amidst the nationwide investigation agencies with professional and top notch quality services offered to their clients. NSIU specializes in insurance fraud investigation, infidelity investigation, cohabitation, civil investigations and even criminal investigations.

The effectiveness and efficiency of a private investigation firm largely depend upon the use of a wide range of specialist surveillance techniques and equipment to carry out their surveillance investigations expertly. These technical devices are what the surveillance experts of a surveillance company great at the surveillance operations carried out.

As part of the mission to satisfy the needs of our clients, the professional investigators at the National Special Investigations Unit are equipped with state of the art technology and trained for challenging cases. The quality of services provided makes the firm stand out from other investigation companies. The investigative services offered by the special surveillance group are highly client centric, with a fundamental focus on the customers as the top priority. Each investigation is catered to achieving the most definitive, court ready results completed in a timely manner.

When you enlist the service of a professional private investigator, you can be sure that they are trained well enough to conduct their business within the laws of the land. However, if you employ the services of an unqualified professional who ends up stepping over the line, you may become liable to prosecution yourself. Fortunately for you, our Special Investigations Unit department brims with private investigators who are well trained and extremely skilled in their work. They go about their business quietly and achieve the set goals within the letter of the law.

The SIU department offers concrete solutions to combat insurance fraud for Workers’ Compensation, Liability, Disability and Property claims with services including surveillance, medical records canvasses, statements, activity checks, alive and well checks, and many others. For over 20 years, these services have produced industry-leading results for our clients. Amongst other things, the team is prepared to help you with an injury claim, bodily injury and all insurance fraud investigation services such as injury insurance claims, insurance adjuster claim, how to report insurance fraud, etc.

All in all, you should seek the professional skills of the National Special Investigation Units. Although you may be able to uncover some elements of truth by yourself, the skills, education, and experience of this professional firm can be used to help you find the information you seek in a faster yet discreet manner, providing you with information which is admissible in court, if the need be.


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