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Overview of Some Popular Insurance Fraud Cases

August 27, 2015 by  
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Insurance fraud is one of the worst things that could happen to you, in fact it costs countries billions of dollars each year but you cannot deny the fact that some people are quite creative about it.

At NSIU we believe it is our responsibility to get the word out and ensure that our clients stay updated with the latest insurance fraud cases so they can avoid potential trouble later. Below are some examples from our surveillance experts that you should check out:

The Male Cyclist

The Male CyclistA cyclist was once struck by a car and suffered serious injuries, especially to the head. He was later compensated a hefty $22,000. However, an insurance officer who was suspicious at that time decided to go further with the investigation. Later, it turned out that the injured male cyclist was actually hit by a cat being driven by none other than his girlfriend.

To further strengthen the claim, the man had inserted a toothpick in his nose to ensure that he got bodily injuries. According to medical experts, he was lucky to not have killed himself. He was later brought on charges for fraud by a leading team of insurance fraud specialists and lost the case. This is what we call ‘hard’ fraud.

The Injured Mechanic

The Injured MechanicIn another case, a mechanic suffered injuries when a large piece of machinery dropped on him while he was on the job, causing serious leg and back injuries that required intensive care to recover. Later, he filed a claim that we unable to work and drew a month’s payment from his disability insurance. As in other similar cases, the company hired an insurance fraud specialist to probe further into the case.

After just one day of investigation, it was found that the man was noted changing the transmission on a car when he claimed that he couldn’t work. He had no trouble moving around. While this is no doubt an extreme case, this can however, be considered as ‘soft’ fraud. He could have stopped the payments for his disability but he kept on collecting it. He was fined and ordered to pay back all the money.

Similarly, there have been other cases where individuals were found committing insurance fraud in other creative ways. Nevertheless, what people need to realize is that it is quite easy to get caught. Especially, when there is a professional team of surveillance experts onboard.

Have you been the victim of insurance fraud? Give us a call at 800-960-6748 today to learn more about how we can help.


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