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Man charged with paying another to burn car for insurance money

May 23, 2016 by  
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A Jackson County man allegedly paid someone to set fire to his own car and then tried to file an insurance claim.

Marianna Police charged Jerry Upshaw Jr. with principal to arson and insurance fraud. During the joint investigation it was determined that Mr. Upshaw Jr. paid a subject to assist him in burning a 2015 Toyota Avalon owned by Upshaw and had been towed and stored on the H & H towing Lot.

Investigators determined that Upshaw paid a subject $200 to burn his vehicle and that he assisted with the arson of the vehicle. It was also learned that Upshaw Jr. filed an insurance claim on the burned vehicle the day following the fire in an attempt to defraud the insurance company.

On May 19, a warrant was issued for the arrest of Upshaw Jr. for the above listed charges. He was located by officers at his residence and was taken into custody without incident. Officials have not yet identified the man who allegedly helped Upshaw commit the arson. The investigation is ongoing.


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