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Leave Surveillance to the Professionals

February 9, 2015 by  
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The most effective tool for most investigations is surveillance; we should know, because NSIU is an industry leader. The professional investigators spend hours, day and night, surveilling a single individual, to find a single piece of evidence that can be useful. If you think that you can perform this task yourself, then you should think again. There are many aspects of surveillance that may seem glamorous in theory, but in reality are extremely arduous.

The Equipment

Before discussing the surveillance techniques that professional investigators use in their cases, we need to bring some attention towards the equipment used for conducting surveillance. It comprises of many different cameras, tracking devices, and other sophisticated equipment. You can’t just pick up a camera and microphone and surveil someone effectively.


In many states attempting surveillance on someone can be considered stalking which is a crime. Private investigators are licensed for this purpose and conduct an investigation that is legal and unbiased. Attempting surveillance on your own will also jeapordize any future investigation and possibly the final outcome of the case.


One of the most important surveillance techniques; tailing someone is an art. Our investigators use a perfect mixture of subtleness and vigilance to track their marks. An amateur performing the same task will arouse suspicion and tip off the mark immediately. You have to keep the person in your line of sight at all times, without giving them any indication that you are following them; easier said than done.

Blend in

One of the most difficult tasks in conducting surveillance is blending in with the environment. It starts with the vehicle that the operative is driving, to the age and race of the operative. Investigators have to be like chameleons, they have to seem like they belong in the environment they are in. If they stick out, then they will not be able to perform their tasks effectively.

The Pressure

Along with all the other expertise and special skills required to be an investigator, an essential one is being cool under pressure. Being ready to take video of all of the subject’s activities,never diverting their attention from their target, and not panicking when they are discovered are all skills that can make private investigators remarkably valuable.

So, whenever you need to perform surveillance on someone, don’t take on the task on your own. Contact NSIU (800-960-6748) and we will send in our operatives to perform the task efficiently and discreetly.


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