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Is Your Spouse Cheating On You?

January 7, 2016 by  
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Your spouse has become distant lately; they don’t spend time with you anymore; there is this sinking feeling that keeps eating away at you, indicating that something is terribly wrong. Maybe there is. When you spend too much time with a particular person, you’re bound to get attuned to their way of life, routines, and habits. The problem begins when these routines, habits, and ways of life start changing all of a sudden.

These changes could be due to stress, strained relationship or hectic work life. It could also be an indication of your spouse cheating on you. Don’t just jump to conclusions. Take a look at these following tell-tale signs that can help you determine if your spouse is cheating on you.

The Need for Privacy

They suddenly feel the need to password protect their phone or computer activity; they avoid sharing things with you that they previously shared uninhibitedly; they dodge answering common questions and accuse you of snooping around – DO NOT turn a blind eye to this. You have sufficient reason to suspect cheating.

Uncanny Behavior

Money spent that cannot be accounted for. Missing time that they have no explanation for; receipts for things you do not own; clothing that goes amiss. If you see behavior patterns that are mysterious on their part – it’s a warning you shouldn’t overlook.

The Need for Time and Space to Figure out Their Feelings

If you’ve been in a strained relationship lately, this sign may just be what it seems to be: they need time. However, if this need for space has been recent and abrupt, you have good reason to suspect infidelity. If your spouse is involved with someone else, they will look for ways to find time and space away from family, and alone. Their excuse may be work stress, or worse – the confusion they have regarding their feelings. Bottom line is, they are looking for ways out to attain more freedom from the relationships they are in already.

Your Suspicions and Fears

They may be just a false alarm, or you may be trying desperately to convince yourself against it – but if you have a strong hunch, it always helps to get it investigated. Don’t hush down the voice inside you saying that ‘they’re cheating on you’. Trust your instincts, and soothe your fears. Either you’ll be proven wrong, or you’ll find out that your gut was spot-on. If you feel it, there’s a strong chance they’re cheating on you.

Before accusing you partner for something that may turn out to be only a misunderstanding; it is always better to be sure and gain evidence. Do you see a better way to ascertain this than hiring infidelity investigators, who can confirm or discard your suspicions with their special investigative services? Dial 800-960-6748 to know more about our infidelity investigation service.


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