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Is Mr. Right Who He Says He Is? Running A Background Check On Your Online Date

September 5, 2015 by  
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Online romance

The Online Dating World

Forget stumbling over words asking the girl you like if she’d go out with you; dating sites and social media have revolutionized the dating arena! More and more people are meeting their significant others online. 1 out of 4 couples have met online. 20 million people visit dating sites and every month.




Think you found your Mr. Right? Well, is he really the John Snow of your dreams, or the Ramsay Bolton of your worst nightmare? You need to make sure. While dating sites allow you the opportunity to meet the perfect match, it is also breeding ground for convicted criminals, sex offenders and frauds looking for an oblivious victim. 68 million Americans have some kind of criminal records. This shocking figure gets more appalling since the number is more than population of France!

You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty About Running A Background Check

This is your life. You need to ensure that you’re not out in any danger. This is why a study from Pew Research Center claims that 30 per cent of people who use online dating sites admit to running a check on their dates before meeting them. Unsurprisingly so, this figure jumped to 41 percent in the 18 to 29 years age-group.

The Dangers on Online Dating: Sex Offenders, Frauds, Catfishing

In one instance in 2011, a woman sued a match making website saying that she was raped on a date by a man she met on their platform. The man turned out to be a repeat sex offender with at least six prior sex offense convictions!

Another instance is creation of fake online profile and information to con people into a relationship, ultimately scamming them for monetary gains. Women lend money to the “love of their lives” and men to the classic “damsel of distress” never to hear of them again. In 2011 alone, this accounted for over $50.4 million.

Women Are More Susceptible To Online Perils

The reason why there is a sudden need for safety is because of the factor of anonymity online. Any individual who has a criminal history or ill intentions can use this to as a protection measure, well hidden behind this veil. People are not who they claim to be. They lie, falsify information to appear appealing at first. And then suddenly, the thrill attached to being this person becomes a game; a game that you are bound to lose.

In this scenario, women are much more likely to fall prey than men. According to another Pew Research study, 40 percent of women said that they had at some point been a victim of unwanted approaches; while 17 percent of men claimed the same.

Make sure you’re dating an honest person!

If you believe that anyone’s history is not accurately portrayed to you, we offer an array of online private investigator services including background checks for you to find the exact truth. Don’t be one of the victims. Get in touch with National SIU’s Private Services. Call us at 800-960-NSIU (6748) now.


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