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Investigative Services Offered by ‘NSIU’

February 15, 2015 by  
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Our investigation firm, NSIU, is a full service investigation firm. We provide private, as well as, fraud investigation services to our clients. For the convenience of our clients, we thought that we should briefly discuss all of the services that our firm offers in this blog post. People interested in learning about the kinds of investigations we can assist them with, are likely to benefit substantially from this post.

Insurance Fraud Investigation

National SIU specializes in investigating insurance fraud cases. Any type of insurance fraud case that you require help with, our investigators will be able to provide it. Liability, injury, workers’ compensation, disability, subrogation etc are the claims that we usually help our clients investigate.


Surveillance can be the key to crack any investigative case wide open. Our investigators are equipped with the best surveillance equipment in the industry. They are highly skilled and posses all the surveillance techniques needed to perform the task discreetly.

Medical Record Canvass

This is a nifty little service that NSIU provides, specifically for insurance companies. The medical record canvass can reveal the exact time and date of the treatments received by the claimant. With the availability of proper documents, we can also provide you with complete medical records of the subject.

Undercover Investigations

NSIU also offers a comprehensive undercover investigation service, for those hard to crack cases which require a bit more effort to solve. If your organization has been plagued by internal or external theft, false insurance claims, low productivity etc, then you can definitely benefit from our undercover investigation service. The investigations are conducted by experienced operatives helped by all the equipment necessary to complete the task.


Interviewing all the parties involved is an important part of any investigation. If done correctly, it can reveal a lot of useful information about the case. The highly skilled interviewers at NSIU will conduct the interview in a professional manner and ask ‘off script’ questions to get the information they require.


The most innovative service provided by NSIU is the CASELINK – Online Case Access. This online service allows our clients to access their case files securely and keep themselves apprised of the case’s progress.

These are the services that we offer in our insurance fraud section. To learn more about each service, you can browse through our site or contact us (800-960-6748) with any queries that you may have.


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