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Infidelity Diaries – 5 Signs That Indicate Your Partner Might Be Cheating On You

August 29, 2015 by  
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When it comes down to your partner’s possible infidelities, there are really no “definite” signs. He or she is working late probably because it’s peak season. They seem secretive perhaps because something at work is bothering them. When our partners give us an explanation, we tend to believe it.

Crossed fingers I

But then things don’t add up. You have this nagging feeling at the pit of your stomach you can’t get rid of. You love them. But can you trust them blindly?

22% of married men and 14% of married women have admitted to having at least 1 affair through the course of their marriages. The tragedy of the situation is that most partners are completely unaware of the infidelities of the person they love, oblivious to the betrayal.

Think your partner might be cheating? Here are 5 signs – not proof – that your partner might be cheating:

1.    Getting Overly Protective of His / Her Phone

Snooping Through Cell Phone To Catch a Cheating Husband

This is one the most common signs that most women have admitted to observe in their cheating boyfriends or husbands. If they suddenly begin to start sleeping with their phone beside them or taking it with them into the bathroom, you should know something’s up. Nothing can be as important to warrant a constant physical connection with the phone. Another red flag is if they suddenly password protect their phone when they never bothered about it before. They may also turn off their phone when they’re with you claiming that they don’t want to be disturbed when, in truth, they’re just minimizing the risk of the new flame calling.

2.    Picking Fights Over Small Issues

This is a classic ploy! Picking fights and making hurtful remarks all of a sudden is a distraction tactic. If they ever get caught cheating, he or she will easily place the blame on your shoulder, claiming it was you who pushed them toward taking this step.

3.    He / She Will Avoid Conversations About A Specific Person

Let’s say your husband or wife just started working on this new project with the opposite sex. For the longest of time in your marriage, you both have been talking about work and colleagues. Now suddenly he doesn’t want to talk about this new colleague who he’s spending a lot of time working with. What’s the reason for this sudden change of behavior?

4.    Refrains For Any Intimacy With You

In most cases of cheating, partners refrain from sex altogether. However, if sex isn’t completely off the table, you may have noticed that it is become less frequent than before. They don’t want to cuddle anymore. That soft peck while leaving the house has taken a stop. In short, physical intimacy has been substantially reduced. Suddenly, they’re too tired or would rather watch a movie instead.

5.    You Find Money Missing From Your Bank Account or A New Credit Card Issued

This mostly holds true in the instance of cheating boyfriends or husbands. If you hold a joint account and have observed steady sums of money withdrawn and gone unaccounted for, you should be worried – unless of course you have an anniversary or birthday coming up in the next few weeks. Other cheating men play it smart, issuing a new credit card altogether. The bill doesn’t arrive at your address and chances are that you’ll never find out. But you do. Somehow, you stumble upon an electronic bill that he accidently left open on his laptop, and you find out about the new credit card. What was the need for this new one – that too without your knowledge?

No matter how bitter the relationship, no-one deserves to be cheated upon. Think you wife, husband or boyfriend is involved with another? Turn your doubts into proof. If you’re going to confront them, they are most certain to deny your claims. So instead, get the evidence to support your claim. Contact a private investigation firm that specializes in various kinds of investigative solutions, including infidelity investigations. Call us toll-free at 800-960-NSIU (6748) for a free consultation with an NSIU investigator.


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