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Importance of Social Media Canvass in Investigations

February 18, 2015 by  
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Social media has become a big part of all our lives. People share the smallest details of their lives online with their friends. They post pictures, relay their location and discuss their day to day activities with friends on various social media sites.

Most people don’t realize it, but all this online activity can be very helpful in investigations conducted for and against them. The details communicated through social media make it very convenient for private investigators and law enforcement agencies to gather evidence. This evidence can either be used against you or in your favor, depending on the nature of the case.

National SIU’s Social Media Canvass Service

The sheer amount of information present on various social media sites makes it very difficult to pin point the useful information and separate it from the useless data. For the convenience of our clients, NSIU provides social media canvass service to them. We perform a search of over 200 different social media sites and try to find the piece of evidence that can be helpful in the investigation. In combination with our surveillance services, the social media canvass can increase the success rate of the investigation.

The Importance

As we have mentioned above, people share all sorts of information on social media sites. Sometimes they don’t even realize the significance of the things that they are posting. The right piece of information, found with the help of social media canvass, can contradict the information a person has given their insurance company, at the time of filing a claim.

For example, a policy holder that gets into a car accident and subsequently makes a claim for the damage to the car. In the claim, he/she says that they were not under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident. But, on the night of the accident they post a picture of themselves with a drink in their hand and the picture’s geo tag can place them at a bar. Information such as this can be used to uncover the truth behind the incident and reveal insurance fraud schemes.

Unlikely Evidence

What makes social media canvass even more important is the fact that no one really thinks about the posts they are making. Also, they likely forget about the post a few hours later, owing to the amount of information coming into their social media pages.

You can request a social media canvass from us online from here. We will scour the social media sites and recover the evidence you need to strengthen your case.


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