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How To Find a Lost Friend or Relative

September 13, 2015 by  
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There are some instances in our lives where fate intervenes, and separates us from our loved ones. Are you looking to reconnect with them again? Whether looking for an old friend, birth parents, or long lost relative, National SIU can help. As a renowned private investigative firm, we also offer missing persons investigations services. Let us help you. Here are some things you should keep in mind:

1.    Don’t Delay the Search Too Much

Chances are it has been a good few months if not years since you’ve last set eyes on your missing friend or relative. And you’re still on the fence about reuniting, contemplating different scenarios. Maybe it was a feud or lack of interest that made you lose touch. Whatever it is, you should know that the longer you delay the search, the more challenging it may get. So decide soon!

2.    Maintain Privacy

You might be under the impression that networking and asking around could help you connect. After all, social media platforms have made great leaps and bounds; why not ask people online. Understand though that there are too many people out there, waiting for the opportunity to monetize on the needs and desperation of others. If you relay your life’s story to them, along with specifications, they might exploit the situation by impersonating the missing person.

3.    Don’t Rely On Online Searches

Yes, there’s no denying that online directories are available to direct you in the right path, However, most of the information is outdated, mostly 2-5 years old. So, never rely on this search. Furthermore, beware of online investigative services with no address and contact number. They may be a scam!

4.    Hire Skilled & Experienced Missing Persons Investigator

Hopping across states might not be a viable option for you. Not to mention you may not have the time or monetary resources to invest in such an excursion. While you lack the resources, private investigators have the right sources and access to the right people across the nation. National SIU’s Private Services has connections to local, state, and federal databases providing them with a head start to a comprehensive search. Combined with our trained team of investigators, we yield the highest results in the country. We charge you a $99.99 FLAT FEE. Get in touch with to take a look at what are the requirements that you need to submit so that we can begin the search. Call us at 800-960-NSIU (6748) now.


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