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How To Best Confront A Cheating Spouse

September 2, 2015 by  
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Things are just not the same anymore between your husband and you. You’ve been living with this sick feeling that something is wrong. Your brain is telling you the obvious; but you refuse to admit it to yourself. After weeks of careful observation and some snooping around looking for the proverbial lipstick on the collar, your doubts are somewhat turning into a confirmation.

Your husband is cheating on you. Years of marriage has come crashing down to this moment of revelation that has threatened to tear your entire family apart. Overwhelmed with emotions, your first instinct is to rush at them, demanding for an explanation. That’s never quite the wise tactic. One of the most common mistakes that women make when confronting their cheating husbands is rushing into it. Take some time to read these tips to help you deal with the confrontation in the best manner possible that will give you the advantage:

1.    Stay Calm & Think This Through

This is perhaps one of the most difficult things that anyone has ever asked you do to – and it may seem impossible. We understand that. However, if you make any hasty moves at this point, you may risk it all, giving away your advantage. What do you want to do? Walk out of the marriage? Stay and work through it? It’s quite difficult to determine this at such an early point, but it’s important to walk into a confrontation knowing exactly what you want so you don’t come across as confused or weak.

2.    Gather Evidence – This Is Imperative!!

It is never recommended to walk up to your partner, guns blazing, and hurling insults – although you’d understandable want to. Chances are he’ll deny and resist the claims altogether. He may feign anger and hurt at being subjected under scrutiny, manipulating the situation, making you feel guilty for something that he’s done! He may also walk out of the situation, giving him enough time to delete all evidence, go on the alert or out a pause to the affair for some time until “the steam died down”.

So, understand that you should take some time to hire a private investigation firm with infidelity services so that you have the evidence to back your claims.

3.    Hire The Right Investigative Services

When you hire the right team, you should expect them to run surveillance, GPS monitoring, computer monitoring, social media research, phone research, and bank and asset monitoring. This through search will eliminate any doubt that you may have, providing you substantial, hardcore evidence.

4.    The Confrontation – How You Should Go About It

You have the evidence of the infidelity. You know what questions you want to ask: Why. Finally, the right time to confront has arrived. Undoubtedly, confrontations can get quite ugly. This is why you need to play smart. Try to keep your emotions under control. If you rant and rave, yell and scream obscenities, chances are you’ll let them feel less guilty about it, and they will refuse to speak to you when you’re being “unreasonable”. Let them deny it – chances are they most definitely will. Then bring out the evidence. Give them a chance to explain themselves. You need closure; you need to know why. Now that everything is out in the open, talk it out, express your anger and hurt.

No matter what the circumstances, there are different roads to take instead of cheating. Your husband should have known that.  You are not the one at fault, no matter what he says. If you need investigative solutions for infidelity cases, please get in touch with us. Call us toll-free at 800-960-NSIU (6748) for a free consultation.


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