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Eliminating Business Theft Using Surveillance Cameras

June 13, 2015 by  
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In 2013 alone, it was estimated that U.S. business theft amounted to $54 billion. That is to say, that every business lost an average of 1.3% of sales annually. This theft could be the result of employee related crimes, or that of the customers. Either ways, your business is suffering major losses that are making a vicious impact on the bottom line performance of your company.

Your first line of defense in eliminating this epidemic is to install CCTV camera. Surveillance is the key strategy. But what is the implementation plan? Here’s how National SIU can help you reduce your losses!

Background Check On Employees

The process of eliminating this issue will begin from root level. Getting straight to the point and rounding off employees for termination will result in short term solutions, especially if you don’t have proof, and are making decisions based on hearsay alone. We help run a detailed check on your employees. This will include their former employment, family, any previous criminal records that were not disclosed at the time of their employment with you, etc.

Installing Cameras – Both Overt & Covert

Now for the next move, we install CCTV camera. You’re probably wondering why there is a need for both an overt and covert camera. While the overt camera does act as means to discourage any unethical behavior, it is the covert surveillance camera that will help you document the theft for future actions.

If your terminated employee comes back to sue you for wrongful termination, you will have CCTV camera footage as proof of their theft.

Recovery Of Stolen Property

Once you’ve uncovered the perpetrator who’s been stealing from you, the next step is recovery of losses. You want to require everything that truly belongs to you. Through undercover surveillance and investigation, we manage to recover your stolen goods.

Taking Criminal Action

For the final stage for your theft surveillance, legal action is taken so as to discourage any future thefts within the company. This step is imperative in establishing an ethical practice. National SIU is closely connected with local, state, and federal agencies. So we are equipped with the knowledge and experience that is required to take the necessary action.


Furthermore, our investigative solutions and surveillance investigators boast a success rate of over 80% in solving these cases.

Reduce your losses and enhance your business! Get in touch with National SIU’s Private Services. Call us at 800-960-NSIU (6748) now.


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