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Difficulties Investigators Face During Surveillance Operations

March 13, 2015 by  
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As our surveillance experts will tell you, surveilling someone is no picnic. The high-tech glamorous surveillance operations that you may have seen on TV or in films are far from the truth. The reality is entirely different, spending hours and hours sitting in one’s car and remaining attentive can take a toll on a human being. But our investigators brave through all of this to provide quality services to our clients. Here are a few difficulties that they have to endure when surveilling a subject:

Weather is not their Friend

Everyone looks at the weather forecast every time they have to spend any significant time outdoors or when they have to go on a long drive. And most people will cancel or postpone their plans, if the weather is not hospitable. Insurance investigators, or investigators in general, don’t have that luxury; they have to deal with extreme temperatures. They can’t even do anything about it out of the fear that it would attract attention.

Answering Nature’s Call

The investigators have to be attentive at all hours, so they drink lots of coffee, which produces a need to relieve oneself. But they can’t leave their vehicle, so they have to make do.


When the investigators start surveilling someone, they know that the person could be dangerous, aggressive or even armed. But they have to understand the risks and do their job anyway, and they have to do their best not to get discovered, because the consequences can be dire in these situations.


The investigators constantly have to multitask when they are surveilling a subject. They sometimes have to eat, record a video and take notes of important developments at the same time.

Physical and Mental Health

Being cooped up in a small car for several hours eating junk food can be very detrimental for one’s health. The investigators have only themselves as company for the duration of the surveillance operation. The situation can be highly stressful and draining, but they rely on their experience and expertise to get them through.

Subject Disappears

At times, when a subject gets wind that someone is following or surveilling them, they try to avoid the investigators or lose them in traffic. This is the absolute worst thing that can happen during a surveillance operation. Tracking someone after that can be extremely difficult.

Hopefully, you will get an idea of how many different things the investigators have to deal with when they are conducting an investigation. This is why should opt to hire a firm like ours that has well trained investigators, who have experience handling all types of situations.


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