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Crossing the Limits for Insurance Fraud

September 16, 2016 by  
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At times some news stories make us think about the limits people can go to, to make some extra cash. As part of the insurance fraud investigation business, we often come across such cases that make us cringe. Some people go beyond the realm of everyday fraudsters, to cheat insurance companies. They usually end up doing more harm than good and most of the time they get caught, thanks to insurance fraud investigation units like ours. Here are some cases that will shed some light on the limits that some people are willing to cross to make money:

Bugatti Takes a Swim

Once upon time, a man named Andy Lee bought a Bugatti Veyron for $1 million…..and then drove it into a lagoon. But that’s not exactly the whole story. The man in question owed a lot of money and he had the genius idea to insure his luxury sports car for $2.2 million and damage it beyond repair, so he would get the insurance payout. He thought that he would be able to pay off his loans and get away with his brilliant insurance fraud plan. Needless to say, his plan didn’t work out to his advantage.

Heartbreaking Arson Case

This case really is disturbing in so many ways; a mother of two set fire to her home last year in Cleveland, OH. She overvalued the belonging she had and took out a renters insurance policy worth $40,000. Reports suggest that she also wanted to part ways with her two children, which set this horrid plan into motion. The mother set fire to the house with her two children locked inside and walked out. The children perished before they could be rescued by the emergency personnel.

Unneeded Chemotherapy

This medical insurance fraud case will definitely make your skin crawl; a doctor pumped his cancer patients with toxic chemotherapy, just so he could bill the patient’s insurance companies. Dr. Farid Fata misdiagnosed many patients and then went on to treat them for their non-existing cancer with toxic chemotherapy. The patients got sick and remained so for months after receiving these “treatments” from the doctor. It was reported that Dr. Fata made about $90 million from the scheme, before the authorities caught him.

Cases like these emphasize the importance of catching these fraudsters, before they gain confidence and try more extreme scams. You can contact us at 800-960-6748 if you require help in solving an insurance scam, or acquire our services by filling in a form on this page.


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