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Criminal Background Check: The Revelations

January 5, 2016 by  
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Criminal background checks have become a routine perquisite for a number of procedures. Nowadays, employers, too, have adopted the practice – and for good reason too. Due to the increasing risks of doing businesses, companies want to be sure that their employees – who are a representation of their brand – are not connected to serious crimes in the past.

Hence, criminal background checks and private investigation companies are gaining wide popularity.

As mentioned earlier, there could be a number of reasons for which background checks are performed. The details that show up on a background check depend on the type and purpose of the screening. Normally, a criminal background check would reveal the following details:

  • Arrests: The count of times a person was subjected to national arrests would show up in the background check. From something as minor as shoplifting, to something as grave as a murder charge will all be displayed.
  • Crimes: Sex crimes, minor offenses, misdemeanors, trespassing, etc. Almost all crimes committed by a person would be part of his background check report.
  • Aliases and Maiden Names: In order to leave their illegal past behind, some employees may change their name. By running a background check, you would be able to identify all other aliases, and any associated crimes committed.
  • Personal Details: A criminal background check will also include the subject’s present phone number and address along with any previous address and phone details over the last decade. The date of birth and age will also be displayed, in addition to the divorces, and marriages the person has been into.
  • Bankruptcies: If the person ever declared a state of federal bankruptcy, a criminal background check will reveal it.
  • Tax Liens: If the person had been subjected to any tax liens on a State or Federal level, it is bound to end up on the background check.
  • Civil Suits: Civil cases that were brought up against the subject will also be a part of the report.

It is necessary to mention, that some of this detail like civil suits and bankruptcies do not normally show up on the background checks once a period of 7-10 years has lapsed. The duration of period may vary from state to state.

To sum it all up, a criminal background check will normally look into a person’s past for any criminal offenses committed by them. It would detail out everything including felonies, convictions, and even arrest warrants that are currently pending. While it is possible to conduct background checks on your own, using national directories and databases available for public use, it is quite a hassle if you do not know where to look. Furthermore, the information may be quite outdated.

For cases as such, it is best to leave the work to the experts. Our investigative solutions include comprehensive services to look into any investigative matters that can make your life easier. Feel free to contact us for any criminal background checks that you might require.


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