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Cheating Spouse Investigation: The Surveillance Process

June 9, 2015 by  
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If you have been noticing that your spouse has been acting strange lately and you suspect that they are cheating on you, most likely you want to find out the truth as soon as possible. Situations like these are emotionally disturbing and staying calm in a situation like this is almost impossible. Creating drama only because you suspect that your spouse has been cheating on you is no good, especially when they are not cheating on you. The best way to go about a situation like this is to hire a private investigator for private surveillance.

Following are some of the warning signs that indicate that your spouse may be cheating on you. While it is not always the case, you should hire a private investigator to find out the truth.

  1. Coming home late from work and extension in work hours.
  2. Noticeable changes in sexual behavior.
  3. Unnecessary expenses and unusual bank activity
  4. Doubtful and strange activities on the computer or phone
  5. Questioning about your schedule more often
  6. Phone is mostly busy or does not return phone calls quickly

Suspicions make people worry a lot and nobody wants to spend years worrying about something that is related to their marital life. Marriage is an important bond and thus, cheating is never acceptable. Sometimes people act weird because they are having issues with work etc. and sometimes they are actually cheating on their spouses. Whatever the case may be, surveillance investigator helps them in finding out the underlying causes behind the unusual behavior of their spouse.

The process of investigation on a spouse who might be cheating is a sensitive and delicate matter. It needs to be dealt with maximum discretion. As a client, the investigator should make you feel certain that the sensitive details regarding your marriage will be kept confidential in all cases and situations.

One of the most common yet effective ways of investigating on a cheating spouse is surveillance. This method is used by following and watching the subject in order to determine if there is any discretion occurring or not. During this process, videos and pictures are recorded for evidence. A report is also created to accompany the pictures and the video recording. Since the circumstances in each case may largely differ, it is always advised that the client should speak with the investigator in person to suggest the best investigation means for a specific situation.


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