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Basics of Fraud Investigations

February 25, 2015 by  
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Ever wonder what is the process that an insurance investigation firm follows when investigating a case? If the answer is yes, then you are not the only one. We thought that we would take this chance to discuss some basics of fraud investigations, without giving away any trade secrets, to give people an idea about the procedures that are followed by NSIU operatives.

Step 1

The case begins when a client brings it to our attention and asks us to open an investigation into the matter. The client provides the basic information and the suspected fraud that the person has committed.

Step 2

Depending on the services that the client has requested, the investigation is opened and the initial information is dissected and analyzed.

Step 3

If the suspect has been named, then a background check is run on the person. Depending on the fraud the person is suspected of committing, his/her claim history is examined, to look for any patterns that give an indication of fraud.

Step 4

Investigation is taken to another step with the search of medical records or online activity; this step can usually reveal a lot of useful information for the case.

Step 5

Investigators contact any witnesses or professionals involved in the case and corroborate their stories with the statement of the suspect. If possible, the suspect is also interviewed by the investigators. They use their expertise to recover information that can be helpful in the case.

Step 6

By now some proof of wrongdoing can be discovered, if not, then the suspect is put under surveillance to gather more evidence.

Step 7

All the gathered evidence is compiled and analyzed and then the final report is produced and presented to the client. The evidence is gathered in such a way that it is admissible in court, if legal action is taken against the suspect.

This is just some basic information about the process followed by NSIU investigators, when they are investigating an insurance fraud case. You can call us (800-960-6748) to learn more about the discreet and quick investigation techniques we utilize to help you uncover the truth.


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