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3 Signs of a Cheating Spouse

April 20, 2015 by  
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Infidelity investigations are among the most sensitive investigative cases which require careful planning and covert exploration of facts. If you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you, it is best to assign the investigation task to a proficient private investigator, or an investigation firm rather than attempt it on your own.

Before you hire a professional investigation firm, make sure that you are not wasting your money on a baseless claim. If you are uncertain about your spouse’s infidelity, here are some common signs that can help you identify if your partner is cheating on you.

A Change in Personal Behavior

A cheating spouse may suddenly start behaving in an unusual manner. The changes may be alarming:

  • When they stop wearing their wedding ring giving lame excuses or stop using items you gifted him/her which they usually used all the time.
  • When they suddenly break an established routine at home or work for no apparent reason.
  • When they start showing lack of interest or detached behavior.
  • When they suddenly start complaining about your habits.
  • When they start picking fights over trivial issues.
  • When they start saying that you should have a social life, encouraging you to stay away from home.

A Change in Social Behavior

You may guess that your spouse may be cheating on you:

  • When your mutual friends or your spouse’s co-workers look uncomfortable around you; they may know that your spouse is cheating or heard stories justifying it.
  • When your spouse is uncomfortable around you.
  • When your spouse is reluctant to attend social events with you.

A Change in Computer and Mobile Phone Usage

You need to watch out:

  • When they start using their computer or mobile phone more than usual.
  • When your spouse does not let you use their computer or mobile phone.
  • When they stop using their mobile phone or computer when you enter the room.
  • When they start protecting their mobile phone or computer with passwords or other security layers to keep you from using them.
  • When your spouse deletes the browser history after a long night on the computer.
  • When they suddenly delete all caller IDs from the phone so that you may not see them.
  • When they do not let you see their cell phone bills or call history.

If you notice some of these signs in your spouse, it is time to investigate. Contact us and get professional spouse investigation services today!


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