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3 Best Approaches to Respond to Corporate Security Threats

April 17, 2015 by  
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Businesses are constantly at risk. The workplace risks may come from anyone with physical or electronic access to a company’s assets. This may include contractors, client, employees as well as security professionals. However, good security policies and practices can help businesses minimize workplace risks and make the company’s assets safe and secure.

Whether you are running a small business unit or a large enterprise, your business requires an effective security plan to secure your physical and intellectual assets and safeguard your business interests. The security plan should be comprehensive enough to provide a framework to keep the security levels of the company at a desired level.

1.     Use Intelligence

Beware of individuals and elements that could potentially cause harm to your business. Through intelligence, you can adopt a proactive approach to identify and eliminate potential risks.

In order for this to be possible, keep a comprehensive record of all employees including their criminal record, history of offensive behavior, and past medical conditions etc. Also, watch out for minor conflicts among employees as they have the potential to build up over time and cause security threats to the company. With this information, you can put an effective security plan in place before any offense occurs.

2.     Use Surveillance

Using advanced technological tools, you can monitor the activities of your employees to make your workplace safer and more secure. Although installation of surveillance devices like cameras and other video devices have raised privacy concerns over the past few years, they have come up as effective tools to prevent theft and workplace violence.

When using surveillance, you need to be well aware of your state’s laws regarding workplace and employee privacy. Even if your state does not have certain laws, you need to understand your employees’ reasonable expectation of privacy.

Surveillance, when done appropriately and within limits as set by your state law, can prove to be an effective tool to preserve workplace security and safety.

3.     Use Security Tools

In order to make your workplace even more secure, use additional security layer with enhanced security measures. For security of physical assets, you can use security personnel such as uniformed security guards and security escorts. Plus, you should install digital access control systems to limit employee access in high security zones.

For data security, you should always use passwords and data encryption to prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing your company’s information.

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